HEX bolts forming

hex bolts kya ha
Hex bolts

THE HEX BOLT is forming machine for the ware round then cut 2 pieces little longer and bolts links then hex.we come to bolt cut to become the bolt had to di the makes perfectly round that progress simply hands the bolt one and the machine stands up to 300 hundred bolts for minutes coming ats this bolts having quite in slow motion this di create a slide colin. The next one into the round hand. The last di form that into a hex side the most coming shape next.


As we see the slow-motion .this is the at us up to 300 bolts coming. during each for production only take purify the sample to verify the dimension majoring the device is a may to check the bolt link and to major the hand and a ring gaze to check thread to make the nut to used the proses cold half for check the cuts deal bar to small pieces the heat a 12 hundred to grass sallies malt the bolt as we see the small motion hammer in hexagons a di the pieces all .

Then to cut hamper a rolled into the hole to cut the thread that black to minimize the wearing on the temper the nut and bolt now going 12 hours and 800 hundred 72 degree Celsius for 12 hours. This gives the kite tank then are rack colling to 5 mins little structure to the heat by now that stile is hard but heat the nut bolts hours their string the control teams sample majoring to break minimus in passing and brad the heading finally the Pecking shape and size.


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